May 20, 2022

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Course Management System

Course Management System (CMS) is the software tool or system that provides an online platform for hosting the courses as well as interacting with these courses as well.  CMS is built for professional training to provide structure to easily manage training content. Some of the best systems help drive better learning outcomes through built-in functionality. And the best ones also help make the experience as easy as possible with an intuitive platform, allowing anyone to easily do the most effective training.

Through an infrastructure that includes design, storage, access and delivery of learning content, but not all course management systems are created equal. Today, authors have the option of using tools that are accessible, easy to use, intuitive, allow for rapid production of eLearning content, and do not require special computer skills to use them. One of these amazing features is the EdApp course management tool. With it, you can create courses from scratch, import content from the course library, or turn your existing PowerPoint presentations into microlearning content. After clicking the PowerPoint transform option, you can choose to convert and edit the course yourself or have EdApp’s team of instructional design experts transform your learning material for you through their Training service.


EdApp is a free all-in-one microlearning platform and course management tool designed to help you create, organize and implement interactive multimedia learning content for employee training. It comes with many built-in features, including an authoring tool, online quiz maker, course library, template library, user analytics, and more.

Course Management Tool – EdApp

This powerful course management feature also allows you to invite students and distribute courses to specific users or groups of users, all with just a few clicks. Through your admin panel, you will be able to see all your target students, group them by categories or teams, track the progress of each of your courses and get information about their completion rates.

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